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    Agent Portal

    Agents with a MedicareCENTER account have their own free, personalized agent website. Agents can send their Personalized URL – also known as a PURL – to their clients and prospects to educate them on Medicare and their Medicare Advantage plan options. Consumers will be able to shop and enroll for Medicare Advantage plans straight from an agents PURL.

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    Medicare Center

    Learn about the features available to you inside your MedicareCENTER account.

    Visit Integrity Marketing’s Vimeo Page to get access to more MedicareCENTER training videos.

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    CSG Quoting Tool

    How To Quote – MedicareCENTER Product Training

    Visit Integrity Marketing’s Vimeo Page to get access to more MedicareCENTER training videos.

  • Mastering Marketing
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    Food Pantries

    Food pantries are a great focus for new agents. They can be set up rather quickly and aren’t very complicated to work. This is a great avenue to penetrate the DSNP community as well.

  • Mastering Marketing
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    Dental Marketing

    Dental offices represent one of the biggest opportunities to set up long term referral accounts in the industry. Since many agents don’t have the confidence or skill to do this well, there are many dental offices available for a partnership. Mastering this strategy will increase your sales and create pipelines of business that will flow to you for years to come.

    Resource: Dental Partnership Benefits Flyer

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    Fidelis Resources

    Discover more about our tools and learn how to utilize them to get more leads and grow your business.

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    Utilizing Carrier Resources

    As a brand-new agent, it’s vital to understand the relationship between broker managers and agents, what to expect from them, the types of resources that they offer and how to fully utilize them. Developing and nurturing these relationships will help you grow as a broker and put you on the fast track to success.

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    Preparing For Marketing

    We live in a world of brand recognition. A business has a hard time competing and thriving in today’s world without an effective marketing campaign behind it. Our industry is no different, and with more seniors online and using social media than ever before, it’s imperative to have your business collateral, online presence, brand, and marketing strategy in place.

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    Creating a Business Plan

    There is an old saying, “if you fail to plan then you plan to fail.” A profitable business begins with a rock-solid plan that’s well executed. As a new broker, it can all be very overwhelming. What should I be doing, how do I layout my schedule, what’s the most important use of my time? It’s a lot. We have a proven model of success that has been tested time and time again.

    Resource: New Agent Business Plan

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    Intro to DSNPs

    How do you feel about making a lot of money while making a lasting positive impact in your community? Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not, and many agents are doing it right now by selling Dual Special Needs Plans. Come learn how with this introduction to DSNP.

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    Show me the money! There are very few opportunities out there that per your ounce of effort, will yield the type of reward that this business offers. Would you like a 10-year retirement plan? This training will show you how, as well as educate you on the commission amounts, rules, and renewals.

    Resource: 2024 Standard Part C and D Commissions

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    Enrollment Periods and Effective Dates

    As a Medicare broker, we can’t enroll our clients anytime we want. There are specific times and circumstances called enrollment periods that enable the ability of our clients to join a plan. Understanding these specific enrollment windows is an important key to success and will increase your sales.

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    Intro to Medicaid and LIS

    As a broker we do everything possible to help improve the lives of the client’s we serve. Medicaid and LIS (Low Income Subsidy) are two low-income assistance programs that can drastically help your Medicare clients in financial need. It’s important to have a basic understanding of how they work, eligibility and how to apply. Especially, if you work with Dual Special Needs Plans.

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    Intro to MA PDP and Med Supps

    As a Medicare broker, our job revolves around three products: Part C Medicare Advantage, Part D Prescription Drug, and Medicare Supplement plans. As a trusted advisor to our clients, we are expected to know these products like the back of our hand. Start your journey to becoming an expert with this introductory training.

    Resource: MedSupp Chart

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    Medicare 101

    Welcome to your very first course in this series. We are going to dive right into the heart of the business. An introduction to the different parts of Medicare and how they work.

    Resource: Confused About Medicare Flyer