• You can access you’re ready to sell statuses by logging into the portal and selecting contracts. You can also contact the Contracting Department for any clarification regarding your ready-to-sell notices.

  • Every carrier has different guidelines when requesting appointments. Please send an email to with a copy of your license and advise which carriers you would like the state added.

  • Send an email to advising that you would like to contract your entity/agency. Send your entity/agency license, W9 form, business NPN, and detail with which carriers you would like to contract.


  • Please send requests through the portal. If you have any questions, you can reach us at

  • We want to help you schedule appointments, improve data accuracy, increase client retention, and grow your book through upselling. If you would like help with these areas, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are excited to help you reach your goals.

People & Operations

  • At Fidelis Consultants, we focus on process improvement, labor oversight, strategy, and cross-departmental interaction. Our goal is to ensure that each department efficiently performs at an optimal level. If you need support, we are always here to listen and to extend a friendly hand when needed.


  • Fidelis commission statements can be found in your agent portal at Commissions data is available on each pay date and is stored so that you can access past statements as needed. Under the “Commissions” tab at the top of the page, agent commission data is available under the “My Commissions” link. Agency commissions (when applicable) can be accessed under the “Agency Commissions” link. If you have additional questions about the portal or need assistance logging in, please reach out to

  • Fidelis pays commissions and overrides bi-weekly. The payments included on each pay date comprise any carrier deposits received by Fidelis two weeks prior to the week of the pay date. Please refer to the 2022 schedule via this link: for the details of when each pay date and pay period will be this year.

  • There are various reasons why a commission could be missing from your statement. Common reasons include policy cancelations or disenrollment, potential issues with carrier contracting that result in held commissions, and timing conflicts between when Fidelis receives a carrier deposit and how it aligns with our pay cycle (if a deposit is received the week of a pay date, it will not be paid until the following pay date to allow time to accurately calculate the commissions to be paid).

    If you believe a commission is missing, please first confirm with the carrier that the policy is active and that there are no contracting issues that need to be addressed. If the policy is active, there are no contracting holds, and you still have not received the payment after two pay dates after it should have been paid to Fidelis, please email so that we can research the issue.