Quick Guide: How Top-Producing Agents Achieve Success

As an agent, you must have clear goals of what defines your success. From your daily routines to your commitment to your process, you need to be motivated and excited each day. Take a moment to evaluate what you want to accomplish in a day, then in a week, then at the end of the month. Evaluate your yearly growth by developing a business plan with your Fidelis Sales Director. Once you have set your daily objectives, weekly goals, monthly aspirations, and year plan, you can begin to develop your routines and objectives.



Structuring your daily routine is essential. This will allow you to accomplish more in one day. As we know, the more you do something, the more efficient you will become in accomplishing it. You will notice more time for additional tasks and goals as you complete your daily routine. This will help you to grow your skills and your daily sales. It is never too late to begin developing and refining your routines. Starting now will make you prepared for the rush of enrollment periods. Ensure you have a workspace that allows you to focus on your day. Remember that your local Fidelis office offers spaces for you to book. As your routine and daily objectives develop, you will continue to set expectations for yourself.



These expectations should be motivating and balancing. Expectations should allow you to push past setbacks and continue to win. Creating unhealthy expectations will lead to burnout. Avoid unhealthy expectations by taking a moment to reflect each day on your accomplishments and opportunities. Try to schedule your event and client meetings smartly. Acknowledge your needs and use them to propel you forward with a sense of gratitude and motivation to accomplish more.



People are at the core of sales. Attitude, your daily routine and objectives, your expectations, and your accomplishments all require the involvement of others. How you build your relationships with your clients is what sets you apart from other salespeople. As individuals, we pick up on attitudes through body language, the way one speaks, and the way they react.



Respect your clients. Their understanding and emotions are the focus. Don’t let your emotions get in the way of your success. Using emotional intelligence to read people will help you understand their preferences and how to communicate with your client. As you do that, you will establish trust with them. They will understand that you are committed to them and their needs.


Using these methods and the resources offered to you, you can develop healthy, strong strategies and grow your production to new levels. Set up a meeting with your local Fidelis Sales Director today to get started!


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