CRM Software Suggestions to Help Manage Your Business

If you’re in insurance sales, you’re probably familiar with the struggle of keeping track of all your contacts, from new leads to ongoing customer care. Many customer relationship management (CRM) software options are available to help you track, manage, and grow those relationships, increasing customer loyalty, and revenue.

CRM software can generally manage your customer information and integrate it with different programs to manage the different aspects of customer interaction, from customer service to tech support to outreach and other marketing tools. Most services offer a dashboard to access the management platform’s different aspects; some are cloud-based, while others work on your desktop. Some lean more toward marketing and others were built with sales in mind.

There are various options to choose from with different levels of service. Here’s a look at some of the more well-known options.


This service was built as a sales tool with healthcare in mind and HIPAA-compliant. Its most well-known for its lead management tools and appears to be easy to use, meaning it can be implemented almost immediately. A downside is that there’s no free trial, but the three service levels mean there’s most likely an option for every budget.

One of the more well-known CRM services, Salesforce, has a comprehensive group of tools and options. Information is presented in charts and graphs instead of raw data, giving a bigger picture of the health of the client relationships. Due to its robust catalog of tools, it seems best for larger agencies with a lot of data and clients to manage, especially given its higher price point.

On the other end of the spectrum is Hubspot, a trusted industry CRM with many options available in its free package. According to user reviews, it’s also easy to learn. It was built mainly as a marketing tool, so while sales tools are available, the focus is on marketing. A downside is that even the paid plans have a limit on how large the account can grow.

The focus of Pipedrive is pipeline management and was designed by people in sales, so the focus is on tools that salespeople use most. It offers a core group of tools with options to add what might be more helpful to grow your insurance business. Its website boasts “$85b worth of closed deals for 100,000+ companies.” A downside is that the number of reports and the amount of customization for each report is limited.

This platform is cloud-based and has some great tools for connecting with customers. It offers AI-powered insights that can help track which leads are hotter than others, allowing you to close deals faster and more efficiently. It’s priced well for small businesses and does have some custom-made automation.

AgileCRM bills itself as an all-in-one platform and features telephone tracking, email marketing, and even gamification of tasks to increase competition and collaboration between sales agents. It is free for up to ten members, with several options for scaling as your business grows.

In addition to standard CRM tools, Scoro offers time management software to keep track of your time and productivity. They have modules that connect together across the platform to make navigating the platform simple. Like Salesforce, the number of resources available with Scoro might make it a better fit for mid to large-sized agencies.

With no storage limit on emails or other records, Apptivo is great for agents concerned about running out of room when managing their client records. In addition, Apptivo offers other tools like invoicing and expense reports for those businesses that require it.

The dashboard for Insightly utilizes bright colors and modules to make it easy to see all your information at a glance. Its marketing automation allows for A/B testing and integrates with many apps that are popular with salespeople.

Bitrix24 is an expansive, solid option for salespeople with experience setting up CRMs. Those who are new to CRM services could be easily confused due to its vast expanse of product offerings. A great benefit of this service is the interconnected nature of the apps and all the tools, from video conferencing to website development, CRM marketing and analytics, and that’s just the beginning of all they offer.


Note: Fidelis Consultants does not recommend one CRM platform over any other, and this article is presented for informational purposes only.

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