4 Ways to Create and Build Relationships with Clients

Client relations are a key element to growing your business. Creating, building, and maintaining a relationship with current and prospective clients will allow you to become a resource for their future needs as well as the needs of their friends and family. Here are 4 ways for you to create and build relationships with current and prospective clients:


Know Your Market

A thorough knowledge of the products available to your clients will allow you to discuss and lead them to the best plan for their needs. You might believe your client will receive A, B, and C, but your client may believe they will receive D, E, and F. Since every plan changes over a year, it is always a good idea to go over the details with your clients. Ask them about their expectations, wants, and needs, then explain the available options.


Build Your Relationship

As you meet with new and old clients, build your relationship with them. Actively listening to them and giving them your full attention will make them feel important and heard. Bring branded swag items such as pens, pill boxes, or magnets to your meetings. This will remind them of your name for future needs.



Follow up with your clients and prospective clients. They might need time to think over the information given. Don’t be afraid to follow up a few days later and ask if they have any additional questions. Get back to your clients promptly and stay attentive to their needs.


Reach Out

Maintain relationships by connecting with your clients often. This can be as simple as sending them a birthday or anniversary card in the mail or performing a yearly check-in. This will help you anticipate their Annual Enrollment needs and deepen your relationship with your client. Doing so will create an opportunity for referrals as they recommend you to their friends and family. Be sure to include a few business cards for them to pass along when sending them anything in the mail.


Remember that how you treat your relationships with your clients will set you apart from other agents. To learn more about how to build your client relationships, reach out to your local Fidelis Sales Director. To view the marketing resources available to Fidelis agents, visit the Marketing Hub in your Fidelis Agent Portal!


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