Top Sales Strategies for a Successful Business

Some people are natural sellers who can influence people with their charm, charisma, and enthusiasm. Even if these characteristics don’t come naturally to you, you can still be a highly successful insurance salesperson by focusing on your long-term goals, business focus, and consistent effort and gain more sales.


Positivity and Confidence

Presumably, you got into healthcare insurance because you have a healthy outlook on your expertise and authority about a product or service. Make sure you project that confidence to your clients. You’ll have an easier time finding an appropriate solution for their problem if they know they can trust your experience, especially with something as overwhelming as healthcare.


Know Your “Why”

To be successful, you should set goals, both long-term and those that take less time to complete. Write them down. Post them somewhere you can see them, and review them daily, in the morning if you can. Looking at your goals in the morning will help you stay focused on your ideal future throughout the day. You can always reach out to your sales director to improve your goals and business plan.


Friends and Colleagues

Who do you surround yourself with? Find people who match your positivity and who also want to succeed. Remember the adage, “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Healthy competition between friends and colleagues can inspire you to improve and increase the success they achieve as well. Join our networking events or training courses and connect with fellow healthcare agents!


Stay Focused

Discipline is paramount, but that doesn’t mean giving
100% effort daily–that’s not humanly possible. It does mean showing up every day with the intent to move forward. Even if your day is less productive than usual, you’ve still moved forward toward your goals.


Know What You Can Realistically Deliver

It’s important to embrace your strengths and know where you might need to improve. You might want to be able to promise a 200% increase in revenue, but right now, you are confident that you can only deliver a 150% increase. For the time being, solidly deliver on that promise and increase your skills to the point you can offer more. Your clients will appreciate your reliability.


Keep Your Routines Simple

Simple routines are easier to turn into habits. For example, if you want to gain more clients, you can more easily turn it into a regular practice if you start with a simple task (following up with clients more regularly) rather than committing to 100 cold calls a day. Humans are more likely to stay committed to a simple step of action, and once you’ve mastered that, you can add on more complexity. To learn how to become more effective during your sales calls, be sure to join
our trainings.


Be Solution-Focused

The primary tenant of sales is that you’re providing a solution to a problem. Stay with them through the journey until you can help them find a solution. Sometimes that means referring them to a trusted colleague if what they need is beyond the scope of what you offer. You’re still providing excellent customer service, and your willingness to help will increase their respect for you, even if you don’t personally gain from it.


Commit to a Lifestyle of Learning

There is no age where learning ends. Industries change, and new scientific discoveries are made all the time. This knowledge will make you more valuable in the eyes of your clients. Stay current on trends in your industry and be aware of new things to offer. What new laws are being passed concerning Medicare and other healthcare plans? What are some new things that providers are offering? You never know when a niche discovery might help a potential customer become a long-term client.


Listen to Your Audience

Everything they say will help you understand what they need. If you listen with the intent to learn, you’ll gain valuable insight into how to solve their pain points, even if they don’t say it outright. Maybe a client complains that they’ve been having more headaches than usual recently before you even start talking about their coverage, which can be a clue that they may need to look at health insurance coverage that includes more specialists.


Find Your Support

Even sole proprietors need others for support. Whether this is family members, colleagues, or just other people in your industry, you can find support in a variety of places. You may not have an office full of staff, but you do have people to inspire and encourage you. At Fidelis, agent support is our core focus, and every team member is here to help you succeed. Anytime you need assistance, you can reach out to the local teams, departments, or our sales directors.


Keep an Eye on the Larger Perspective

The actions you take today are the seeds you plant for future success. Opportunities may not always bear fruit in the present but make decisions with the long-term impacts in mind. A connection you make today may be just the resource you need in a few years to help a client.


Believe in Yourself

You have valuable knowledge and experience. Be proud of the work you’ve put in to learn about the healthcare industry and how you can use that knowledge to benefit your clients. They will feel secure knowing you trust yourself, and your confidence will create better outcomes for everyone involved.


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