How to Generate Quality Leads Using Social Media

As an insurance agent, it’s important to connect with your existing and potential clients, and social media makes it easier to reach both audiences more frequently and efficiently. Using it strategically means turning interested users into quality leads who see you as an expert and as their guide through the often-complicated insurance process.

The most popular social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok – allow you to post content to your audience for free, but that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically have hordes swarming your doors. Some methods of gaining an audience are more effective than others, and some tactics work better on one platform over another.

Important note: As always, be sure that your materials, posts, and videos are compliant with all Medicare marketing guidelines. If you need a refresher on some guidelines, see our article “CMS Guidelines for Communicating With Clients”. You can also go to the CMS webpage on marketing guidelines or contact a Fidelis Sales Director to become an agent and get more customized guidance about remaining compliant.

Make Sure to Complete Your About Pages

Something that can increase your potential lead generation on social media is ensuring you’ve added all the relevant contact information to your business page, including phone number, website, physical address, email address, and business hours. It can be easy to forget to add this information but having it all there for potential clients helps lend credibility to your page and makes it much easier to contact you.

Create Engaging Content

When managing a social media account for insurance sales, many topics will inevitably be educational. That doesn’t mean they have to be boring! One of the top-performing post types across all media is videos. Ensuring you’re in an attractive location with adequate lighting and sound, you can speak directly to the audience and give them tips about navigating the insurance system, things to keep in mind when choosing a plan, and even health tips or information about upcoming deadlines.

It might not be feasible always to make video content, though. Static photos and graphics can help keep your audience consistently interested.

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Set Up a Landing Page

Because the guidelines for social media platforms change so frequently, it’s good to have your own website to host the content you create as a backup in case something happens to one of your social media accounts. Having a website with an email capture form (and asking for consent to contact) ensures that you don’t lose your audience and all your hard work if you should lose access to any of your accounts.

Connect With Your Audience

Part of the success of a social media account relies on the community created through conversation. If you post consistently enough, with engaging content, your audience will begin to respond to what you’re posting. Be sure to write back with a genuine reply. This will help create a genuine connection with your audience, showing that you are good at customer service and are there as a resource for your clients.

Use a Mix of Content Topics

The most common type of content for insurance agents to post might be educational¬–from upcoming deadlines to Medicare news and everything in between. It’s also important to create connections by making personal posts. You can post about celebrating a milestone (in either your professional or personal life), community events you’ve attended, or a holiday greeting.

You can host webinars or live question-and-answer sessions with your audience if you want to explain more detailed topics that wouldn’t be as easy to comprehend in a single post. If you have a good rapport with your clients, you can ask for referrals of your services to their family and friends. Since insurance and Medicare are so difficult to navigate, they will gladly share your information if you’ve helped them, but most people usually need to be prompted and reminded to do this.

If you want more information on how to use social media in your insurance business, please read our article 15 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Performance.

The basic formula for generating quality leads on social media is consistency plus authenticity. If you post frequently and with your authentic voice, you’ll create a genuine connection with your audience, who have the potential to become long-term clients.

If you want guidance about how to connect with your audience through social media, contact a local Fidelis Sales Director who can help you create a strategy for getting more quality leads.