SEO Optimization Tips for Insurance Agents

Do you have a website for your insurance sales business? If you don’t, you should set one up, considering how it will help advertise your business and bring potential leads to you through organic search results. One aspect of a website is the content of the site itself. Another important piece is how that information is presented. To help, we have put together tips for Insurance Agents looking to optimize your website’s SEO!

You may be completely new to website management or now have finally found time to focus on driving traffic to your existing website. If so, you may have come across the term “SEO” as a method of increasing traffic.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method of creating your website content to take advantage of the rules of a search engine to increase your website (or web page) rank in search results. You can edit your content to include unique, long-tail keywords and ensure your site matches what the search engine is looking for. The most well-known search engine is Google, and most SEO standards are measured with the effectiveness of Google in mind. Sometimes this can conflict with the standard requirements of other search engines, so it’s best to determine where your potential clients are most likely to be found and optimize for that search engine.

Another term to know is long-tail keyword. A keyword is a single word or short phrase describing your service or your specific website page’s topic. For example, your website may have a page describing the services you offer, and a keyword phrase would be “insurance client.” But because you need to compete with everyone who uses the phrase “insurance client,” you want to make the phrase longer. A better example might be “new plans in 2023 to benefit insurance clients.” You would include this whole phrase in your web page copy a couple of times, and then when Google reads your site, it would recognize that your web page is relevant to that search and increase its ranking in search results.

Page titles are another place where you can influence how well your website will rank in search results. Be sure that your titles are easily read by humans (don’t just pack them full of keywords), but also include a version of your keyword to give the search engine indication that your site is relevant. A good title for the keyword phrase mentioned above might be “Get More Information About New Plans in 2023 to Benefit You”.

Something else that search engines evaluate when deciding page rank is site loading speeds. Your potential clients will want your site to load quickly, and one thing that can help with that is making sure your images are optimized for the internet. While you want them to be sharp and look good, file sizes and dimensions that are too large cause longer load times without showing much image improvement. You can also optimize your images by using keywords in image names and alt tags. A photo of a person looking at different brochures with the file name “new-plans-in-2023-to-benefit-insurance-clients.jpg” will help increase your rank in search engines.

The search engine results page (SERP) is a specially formatted page that returns the results of a search. Google and other search engines can customize the results based on what it thinks you’re looking for. A search about a current event will most likely bring up news articles and web pages for those organizations, while a search for what the engine recognizes as a product will bring back item prices and ways to purchase it. Search engines can do this because websites can now be coded using schema markup that helps search engines recognize specific types of information. You can have your website specify that an image is your company’s logo, and that will show up in Google as your logo. Other examples are things like if something is a product or if a paragraph is part of a review.  While schema may not directly help with SEO, it can increase engagement with your potential clients. For example, if you have a review saying that you are a stellar agent, and that clients felt well taken care of, and that review shows up on the search results page, clients are more likely to click on your website.

Using these tips to increase your ranking can help bring digital leads to you through your website, increasing your pool of potential clients. People looking for insurance are generally overwhelmed with information about plans and premiums. As an expert in your field, take the time to optimize your website to make it easier for those clients to find you so you can provide the stellar service you’re known for.


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