Programmatic SEO & How it Could Benefit Your Business

Let’s talk about SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

This is what boosts your website’s visibility on search engines. It helps connect user searches to specific content on your site through keywords and long-tail keywords (short phases). This is the difference between organic and paid results. For organic results, you work for the results through SEO. With paid, you pay for the results. Check out these SEO tips for more information.

Programmatic SEO takes regular SEO to the next level. Instead of counting on a few keywords to increase your site’s traffic, you create multiple landing pages for many different keyword searches. For example, if your product has a lot of integrations with relevant software to offer, you would want a landing page for each integration available. Think about how an insurance agency offers many products through different carriers. They would have landing pages for “their agency and Humana” or Cigna, Anthem, etc.

As with everything, there are some challenges in turn for the benefits.

First, you’ll need to invest in some tools. There are programs to analyze which keywords bring your site the most traffic. A little web design will also be needed for the landing pages. Lastly, all that data has to be connected to your site and stored somewhere.

While this is not necessarily a challenge, it is a milestone to achieve. You must understand the user’s journey and why these pages are being looked for. Creating user personas for multiple types of users can help put yourself in their shoes and see why it’s important to them. Additionally, those keywords help connect their importance to users’ needs. Some relevant healthcare and insurance keywords:

Medicare                                  Health Insurance

Insurance                                 Part C Medicare

Doctors Near Me                     Health Insurance Reviews

Medicare Advantage              PCP Near Me

Keywords make your site searchable. You could offer all this amazing content, but your content isn’t being seen if the right words aren’t being searched.

The last challenge comes with long-term effects: maintaining. Your site’s SEO should be regularly updated to ensure you are maximizing the benefits of SEO. Continual research and testing can be treated like staying current with any trend; what’s trending right now could be on the decline by tomorrow.


Step-by-Step Process

You might ask yourself, “How will I actually create all these pages?” You don’t have to! The main objective is to design a landing page template to customize for specific topics. Once the template is completed and you get your data, you connect these to your website host. Let’s go over this step by step.

  1. Research your top keywords and plan the content around them
    1. You can find analysis tools online, such as Similarweb. You’ll plug in the website URL, which will display what words are searched most often, top combinations of words, trends for competitors, and general data on the user’s interactions with the site.
  2. Design your landing page template
    1. This can be done through a variety of design tools, such as Canva, Adobe, or any platform that works best for you.
  3. Collect data and create the database for these landing pages
    1. You can use Excel or Google Sheets, but integrative tools like Airtable will work best for merging this data with website hosting platforms.
  4. Merge these with your website
    1. Again, there are resources for this. Software like Whalesync helps connect your database to your host just by following the guided prompts.
  5. Ensure the landing pages were correctly created and continue to optimize them
    1. Great, everything is up and running. Analyze your data periodically to ensure the right keywords are used to make the most out of your programmatic SEO strategy.


Let’s go over a few benefits of implementing this.

Once your pages are up and running, this is where you can start to see the big picture. Users like to search for their bottom-line goal; they don’t want to spend lots of time searching a site for what they’re looking for. Potential clients will be more enticed to reach out if they can quickly and easily see that you work with their preferred carrier or offer specific benefits. Additionally, being among the top search results on the page increases your brand’s awareness. It shows that you are a trustworthy & credible source for what they need. This is the key to an increased conversion rate: the content that turns prospective viewers into customers. SEO helps to highlight what your clients are looking for most.

Programmatic SEO can be a challenge upfront, but the continual payoff from increasing your site traffic and conversion rate can make the time worthwhile. Good SEO is a great start to a successful website, but focus on multiple aspects, such as your site’s structure and consistent branding. Staying current on compliant digital marketing solutions keeps your site accessible and flourishing.


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